Hospitality Brochure

In today’s dynamic market, hotel operators face tremendous challenges as they strive to maximize property revenue opportunities on all stay nights. It’s a non-stop balancing act as hotel operators manage the risk of leaving money on the table with existing pricing processes. Exacerbating matters is the fact that the hospitality industry has never been more competitive, with a far greater supply of rooms than travelers are currently demanding. And, while demand for rooms is low across markets, consumer expectations for bargain prices are at an all-time high as they shop for and compare room rates online.

JDA can help hotel operators transition from traditional practices to the sophisticated JDA Revenue Management solutions designed to position rooms more competitively, thus optimizing profits and growing market share. By considering current competitive pricing, JDA can help hotel operators take the guesswork out of pricing and accelerate speed-to-value by using advanced analytics to produce optimal pricing recommendations.