JDA Software

Balancing product breadth and depth to achieve optimum category assortment is key to satisfying and retaining shoppers. JDA Assortment Optimization enables companies to quickly assess retail category position and build better strategies and tactics for maximum sales and profitability. 

How does it solve your business challenges?

Using point-of-sale, market, consumer demographic and spatial/planogram data to review and optimize the category in a configurable, reusable process, JDA Assortment Optimization produces space-aware item assortments for individual stores, store clusters and channels. The solution provides visibility into how shoppers shop specific categories as well as category performance down to the shelf level. You and your trading partners can streamline category analysis, collaboration and decision making. 

What are the benefits?

  • Increased profit margins, along with reduced stock-outs and inventory levels 
  • Improved customer satisfaction and partner relationships with the right mix of localized products
  • Easier item assortment planning at any level of product hierarchies
  • Freedom from prescribed measures and rules with flexible formula-driven strategies and tactics
  • Unambiguous assortment process selection and review with multiple graphical visualization capabilities
  • Space-aware assortments and the confidence that recommended assortments will fit within available shelf space

Why JDA?

JDA Assortment Optimization is the market's only solution that delivers true space awareness and unmatched flexibility to meet a wide variety of business scenarios as part of an integrated, complete space and category management solution. Leverage the ability to glean and reuse critical insights in adjusting plans as needed to successfully achieve assortment objectives. 


We’ve experienced a considerable growth in seasonal and event-based promotions. Therefore, planograms need to be changed and issued to our stores more often than in the past to support these activities. Thanks to JDA’s Category Management solutions, merchandisers are able to plan and execute these planograms faster.

Mike Brown
strategic space planning manager
Co-operative Food Retail